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The Story

Oocca Club

The Oocca Club is a unique 3D storytelling NFT project living on the Ethereum blockchain. The oocca club project consists of two NFT collections that are connected to each other.

The main collection (The Oocca Club) has a maximum supply of 8,888 unique programmatically generated oocca’s with amazing benefits and utilities for the holders. No new NFTs will be added in this collection.

The sub-collection (Oocca Club Artifacts) consists of various artifacts that play a major role in the future and can be used in combination with the ooccas in the main collection. In this collection, new artifacts can be added or destroyed, so the supply will always change.

Each Oocca NFT is unique and programmatically generated from over 51,000,000 possibilities and 75 traits, including headwear, wings, crystal orbs, colors and more. All Oocca’s are dainty, but some are rarer than others. The final render is 4000×4000 pixels to secure the high quality.

Click here to visit the oocca club gitbook.

The oocca club NFT holders will get many holder benefits that will only grow in the future. Such as; Backed NFTsDNA StakingCloningRewardsFull Commercial RightsAccess to all filesFuture dropsHave a voiceExplore with us and more!

Story Summary
During the last known ice age the younger dryas, the four gods decided to do an experiment to create some kind of intelligence creature that would help them to rebuild earth and speed up the human civilization process. The gods collected as much DNA during the younger dryas from all kind of life forms including DNA strains from themselves. The result: The oocca’s, bird-like creatures with humanoid faces.

The ooccas lived in the sky where they built enormous cities above earth until this day. The Oocca’s are seen to be highly developed in terms of intelligence, and created their own city that is held up by powerful turbines. They also have their own language which makes strange squawking noises.

They had one mission, ”reinstallation flora and fauna on planet earth” their task was to give ancient wisdom such as tools, farming, building and knowledge to the people who survived the ice age, protect human civilization, and guard the animals.

From the cities in the sky they could observe the earth and take over the work of the four gods to guide the humans to further evolve into a new era, the so called bronze age and iron age. During these times the oocca’s shared their wisdom and tools which they received directly from the gods…..

The Oocca Club 8,888 Oocca’s are inspired by the recurring species in The Legend of Zelda series, but with there own storyline that will bring you back to points in history that until now are still an ancient mystery.

Join the Oocca Club in an adventures community based story telling collection to unveil the hidden secrets of our own history…

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The ancient gods

It is believed that the suddenly ended ice age is the work of the four gods Helios, Nanna, Nut and Geb, who worked together to make life on planet earth sustainable again. They created the four seasons for balance and the oocca’s where created for future guiding’s.

God of the Sun

also known as Luminousness was the god of the sun and used his powers to shine sunlight and heat to the earth. Helios had the wisdom of light, heat, happiness, peace, faith, love, spirituality and many more.

God of the Moon

Conqueror of Darkness was the god of the moon and used her powers to pull the bright moon across the dark sky. Nanna had the wisdom of night, darkness, astrology, war, anger and…

God of the Sky

Ruler of the Atmosphere was the god of the sky he creates thunder, water, air, weather and the sky. Nut had the wisdom of justice, honour, water knowledge, cold, lightning, time, tears and so on.

God of the Earth

Originator of Terra was the god of the earth the creator of all living things such as nature, animals and human life. Geb had the wisdom of growth, reproduction, fertility, agriculture, schooling, hunting and more.

NFT Utility

Holder benefits

All Oocca club NFTs are backed with Ethereum. 33% from all sales will be dived under the 8,888 Oocca's. This will create a stable floor price in case the secondary market floor declines. Click here to learn more

You can stake your Oocca club NFT to collect DNA elixir and fill up your tank for experimental DNA cloning. The Oocca NFT staking program will expand in the future. Click here to learn more

Once the experimental DNA cloning program is activated the Oocca Club NFT holders that collected enough DNA elixer will be able to join the cloning program. This program will create an experimental copy version from your original Oocca. Click here to learn more.

As a Oocca Club NFT holder, you automatically gain access to our exclusive reward program which rewards you with monthly secondary sale fees and for participating in the community. Our program will continuously evolve as we look at new ways to reward our members with additional benefits. Access to the one-stop shop only for Oocca Club NFT holders' exclusive products and experiences to claim for free! Click here to learn more.

When you purchase a Oocca club NFT, the art is totally and completely yours. Whether you want to print and sell merchandise, use it in advertising, or want it to use as the star of its own show, the full commercial rights are yours!

All Oocca’s are available as OBJ to use your Oocca for example in Augmented Reality. You can also find the high resolution, 4,000px by 4,000px PNGs. This allows you to print a high-quality physical copy of your NFT, display it in high res on a screen, and use it for large-scale print or display.

Oocca Club NFT holders have a voice in the storyline, development and success of the project through AMAs with the dev team and formalised voting systems. Click here to learn more

At Oocca Club, we are committed to exploring all the possibilities of web3 and the metaverse. By joining the community, you will have access to every metaverse or adventure we enter.


Our Goals


Phase 01

Oocca Creation

This is the phase of creation, in which we created the following, The Idea, Plan, Story, Modelling, Testing, Traits, Website, Social Channels and Contracts.

Phase 02

Oocca Builder

This is the most important phase in which we set the following marker goals, Community, Branding, Marketing, Quests, Competition, Oocca Storyline and Collection Launch.

Phase 03

Oocca Bull

This phase is seen by us as the bull phase of the Oocca Club in which we will release the following points, Sky-hub Launch, PFP styling competition, Exploring Web3, Partnerships, Staking Activated, Animated models, Burning / Backing claiming and the Perk-shop Launch.

Phase 04

Elevated Oocca

This phase will be the elevator to a new chapter In which the following points will be central in the furure of Oocca club, Experimental Cloning, Oocca Comic Book, Future drop and more.

Phase 05

Future Oocca

The last phase on the Oocca Roadmap 1.0 will be about evaluation and expanding. We will look to the following points before releasing a new roadmap, Oocca Ecosystem Update, Staking 2.0, Oocca DAO, PFP Gamification and Animation possibilities.

Team Members

Meet The Crew

Berry Verdonschot


Richard van den Oever


Mirthe Dijkstra


Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked questions

Don't get your answer?

At this point the Oocca Club collection is available on the Ethereum layer 1 blockchain only.

The sky-hub is an exlusive member page on the website. Oocca club NFT holder will be able to login for example to claim their NFT backing, start staking, download their files and so on.

An Oocca club NFT can be burned in exchange for the backed amount of Ethereum. The minimum requirements for burning an Oocca club NFT is - staking for at least 90 days. The goal for this backing is to make sure that there always will be a bottom floor in case the secondary market floor declines.

Cloning your Oocca club NFT means you will be able to do an DNA experiment with the elixir you collect while staking your NFT. How the cloning DNA process works, will be revealed in the near future, but one thing is sure, you will not clone the exact same Oocca as you was holding. Think twice before you decide to claim your NFT backing 😉

The Oocca Club NFT collection will be sold on only! After the minting, you can only buy them through secondary marketplaces like Opensea, Looksrare and others.

At this point our team is working on the smart contracts. Once finished, we will announce it as soon as possible.

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